Can Axolotls Eat Guppies?

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Adult axolotls should not eat guppies, regardless of whether they are in the aquarium. If swallowed, their bones won’t block or impair.

Axolotls are carnivores who eat anything they can fit in their mouths, including small fish and crustaceans. However, guppies are aggressive and will nibble at your axolotls’ gills.

Short Answer

I recently got an axolotl and decided to give him some guppies as a snack. To my surprise, he gobbled them up in seconds! Ever since then, I’ve been feeding him guppies every once in a while as a treat. He seems to enjoy them, and they make for a great snack.

However, it’s important to be careful when feeding your axolotl guppies. Guppies are high in fat, so limiting the number of guppies you feed your axolotl is best. Too much can lead to health problems like obesity or digestive issues. Also, ensure you’re getting high-quality guppies from a reliable source so that your axolotl isn’t ingesting toxins or other harmful substances.

Overall, axolotls can eat guppies – just be sure to do it in moderation and with caution!

Can Axolotls Eat Guppies?

Axolotls are salamanders, not fish, as many believe. As unique pets, axolotls should only be fed foods made for them.

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Knowing the risks of feeding an axolotl other fish is also important. Cory catfish, for example, have sharp spines on their fins and tails that could injure an axolotl during digestion.

Food too big for axolotls can kill them. Fish caught in an axolotl’s gills can impair it, killing it.

Nutritional Content of Guppies

Axolotls can easily digest and get a variety of nutrients from guppies. They also come in various sizes to find one that fits your tank.

This food is easy to find at pet stores for your axolotls. Before adding live fish from stores to your aquarium, quarantine them for several days.

Before feeding your axolotl guppies, make sure they’re clean. Nightcrawlers and earthworms can also be fed.

Health Benefits and Risks of Guppies

Your axolotl benefits from eating guppies. They provide protein and may help maintain it.

Guppies should be quarantined for 14 days before being added to your axolotl’s tank to reduce pathogen risk.

Axolotls can heal most injuries and illnesses due to their remarkable healing powers. Check your axolotl’s behavior and gills for stress or illness.

Flipped Gills? It could be high water flow. Reduce the flow of your airstone, filter, or fan.

Axolotls’ toe tips change color as part of their normal activity. (see Morphing section below).

Body Bloated/Bulging – Common side effect of activity or illness; usually goes away after the axolotl produces waste in a day or two.

Other Alternatives to Guppies

Fishkeepers like guppies because they’re easy to care for and don’t grow too big. They also get along with many fish.

Guppies need tankmates that won’t bully or eat them. Pairing them with similar-sized fish avoids this issue.

For peace and guppie-like nutrition, add swordtail fish to your guppy tank. Swordtails are peaceful live bearers that eat like guppies and can tolerate various water conditions.

Another good guppy tank shrimp is red cherry shrimp. These fast breeders keep your aquarium clean and provide guppy nutrients.

Conclusion about Eating Guppies

Due to their smaller size and lack of exoskeleton, axolotls prefer guppies. Thus, an axolotl can easily swallow these small animals.

Due to their inability to swallow or being stuck at an angle that prevents them from exiting the axolotl’s mouth, they can also cause choking or impaction.

Though common, many guppy owners find this behavior odd and even frightening!

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